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If you are considering a massage, I highly recommend Camille! Her energy was calming and

her attention to detail was impressive. When my 90 minute prenatal massage was complete, I felt

like I was walking on clouds.”



MendingTree Massage

handcrafted therapeutic massage delivered with a nurturing touch

Meet the Practictioner:
Camille DeSantis

I am

A Massage Therapist with more than 18 Years of Experience

Trained in more than 10 modalities, including:
Deep Tissue  -  Lymphatic Drainage  -  Oncology Massage 

Fertility Massage  -  Prenatal & Postnatal  -  Infant Massage  
Pediatric Massage -  Event Massage  -  Sports Massage

I am passionate about supporting others through life changes and challenging times.

I am also

                          A Breast Cancer Survivor

I am currently enhancing my training to include Oncology Massage so that I will be better able to support other survivors in and out of treatment. Cancer sucks, but living through it doesn't have to. ​

Licensed Massage Therapist by the

Alabama Board of Massage Therapy, #5732

North Carolina Board of Massage Therapy # 4519

Professional Member of

Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals



The Story
the Name


My family and I moved to Alabama from North Carolina at the end of my treatment for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Our new property provided a bit of wooded acreage and we had begun to carve paths through the forest. I came to our new home in the Deep South with only a scar where my port had been for a year and a half and a pronouncement of No Evidence of Disease!

I was cancer free and ready to embrace my new life!


It was early spring and the many dogwoods on our property were in bloom. My husband and I took a walk through our woods and discovered an old growth dogwood had fallen during a recent storm across one of our newly created paths. It was about 70% uprooted.


Despite this, it still bloomed. Its beautiful white blossoms were vibrant, in stark contrast to the cracked trunk almost completely uprooted. 

It was a message for me:


Though life may present obstacles across your path, 

Though you may get knocked down somewhere along your journey,

Though your image may be forever changed,

You CAN still blossom and THRIVE!


While there are many downed trees to clear on our property this one will be left in place. We have tended to this tree, cutting back limbs to restrict the nutrient requirement and bolstering up the exposed roots with happy dirt and fresh mulch. Hopefully she will continue to thrive as we mend her. 

I hope it will forever be a reminder to me that though I may be changed after 15 months of cancer treatment there are still other possibilities for my life to be filled with new growth and beauty!

When searching for a business name for my practice as a massage therapist, this tree offered her story. Massage is not meant to end at a fixed point but is a way to care for ourselves when we need a little mending from what life throws our way. 

And so Mending Tree Massage was born.

IMG_1649 2.JPG
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“I just want you to know how deeply grateful I am to have had that work.”


Locally & organically made self care products 

Take home some self care. A massage every day would be wonderful but since that's not practical, take home some of our custom curated products:

bath salts  -  mud baths  -  body oils  -  bath trays  -  lotion bars moisturizing candles  -  cherry pit packs  -  eye pillows  -  scrubs 

Organic ingredients used wherever possible because what goes on your skin matters!


“The music and the movements of your massage remind me of a ballet. Graceful and deliberate.”




Camille Logo 2 copy 2.png

I offer customized massages for every client.

60 minutes $115

75 minutes $130

90 minutes $150

120 minutes $195

Click the button to book an appointment

What does "Handcrafted" mean?

At MendingTree Massage,

I value the therapeutic benefit of massage therapy for 


Recovery from Injury

Healing after Medical Illness/Surgery

I also recognize the value in spa-like enhancements for achieving

deep relaxation 


Your handcrafted massage will always include a combination of therapeutic touch and spa-like comfort to provide you with enhanced wellbeing.

Handcrafted means:

I Listen

         to your requests and also to what your body

         reveals under my touch

You're Respected

         I recognize there is a level of vulnerability

         when a client receives a massage.

         I feel honored to be trusted and I

         demonstrate positive regard to each person. 

We Collaborate

         We will determine the treatment plan together.

         Your session will include a variety of massage

         modalities from my 18 years of experience. 



Quality Matters


At MendingTree Massage,

We source the best for you.

Every session includes:


Organic Aromatherapy Oil Blends

locally crafted


Buckwheat Filled Heating Pads 

locally made 


Organic  Cotton Linens

ethically sourced

Because the full experience

has an impact on your wellness

and you deserve the best. 


“She knows her craft and is the utmost professional. During the consultation part of the service, she listens and learns your needs and tailors her massage to suit those individual needs. She is kindness itself and her demeanor puts her clients at ease so they can get the most out of each service.”


“Camille has a natural gift for what she does and she gives her full attention to you and your needs. I have had a fair amount of massages in the past and Camille has always been able to make me feel far more calm and relaxed than any other massage therapist ever has. I would highly recommend Camille to anyone for any type of massage and I look forward to my next treatment with Camille.”


Cali_2012_ 89.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear during my massage?

You may undress to your comfort level. For all treatments you will be properly draped in a way that maintains your comfort and privacy. Only the area being massaged will be undraped at any given time.


Do I need to inform my massage therapist of any medical or physical ailments I may have?

It is important for your therapist to know about your health. Certain conditions may not be safe to receive massage. The Health Intake Questionnaire will help your therapist determine if you have any contraindications for massage.

Do you have to go to school to become a massage therapist?


Yes! Camille completed a 620 hour program and passed a National Exam to earn her Massage Therapy License. To maintain licensure, all LMTs must attend continuing education courses. Camille has more than 18 years of continuing education and maintains all licensing requirements.

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Cancellation Policy, Late Policy and Payment Policy

Camille Logo 2 copy 2.png

24 hours notice is required if you need to cancel

or reschedule.


Payment is expected at time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. By scheduling a service, you are agreeing to pay for the appointment unless you cancel with 24 hours or more notice. If you fail to show up for your scheduled service, full payment is expected.


If you are late for your scheduled appointment, I will make every effort to accommodate some extra time. If I am unable to extend the session, you will be given the time remaining of your originally booked session.


Please understand that all appointments do have a specified beginning and end time. It is important for you to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment to make sure you receive your full session. Payment for the full session of your scheduled service is expected regardless of your arrival time.


Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check,

PayPal or Venmo.

After Booking Your Massage...

You will receive a confirmation email with information regarding your booking as well as necessary intake forms. Completing all forms ahead of time will save you time at your appointment and ensure we have your

information on file.


If you choose to complete it when you arrive, please come early and allow 10-15 minutes to complete the form.


This will only be required at your initial appointment and any time you have significant updates to personal information or health changes.



“I am so glad you practice massage because you benefit all whom you place you healing hands on.”


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